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What is a Diablo

A Diablo is a deep, disc-shaped, cooked snack usually made with bread – it’s definitely not your average square meal. There is no limit to the variety of meals and snacks that can be made with the maker.

For the basic instructions, we’ll start with:

Old Nick’s Normal

• 1 slice of ham

• 2 tablespoons of grated cheese. Different cheeses melt at different rates and have very different tastes.
For a mild, really melted cheese, try Gruyere.

• A little pepper and relish to taste.

• 2 slices of bread of choice

For best results, always use a pre-heated maker.
It is not necessary to butter or oil the bread and is ideal for that small snack when you don't really want a full supper.

This is probably the most basic you can make in the maker. Delicious – yes. But you can do so much better than that!

There really is a huge variety of different snacks that can be made. Try tuna, cheesetomato and mayonnaise. Or bacon, lettuce and tomato.

We’re always interested to hear of novel recipes used in the Diablo.

Please send your recipe to: recipes@thediablo.com – if we think it’s great –we’ll add it to our web site at www.thediablo.com


  Using the diablo - your step by step guide  
image1 Step 1

Place the bread on the inside face of the open Diablo maker. Try and ensure that the full circle is covered with bread.


Step 2

Add the ham, cheese and salt & pepper to taste. Remember that Diablos are deep so pile the ingredients high.

Place the second side of bread over the filling to complete the . This time, theoiled/buttered side of the bread should be facing up.
image3 Step 3

Close the Diablo maker, pushing the bread through the gap between the hinges. Press hard so that the Diablo maker cuts the excess bread from around the sandwich. Trim any excess bread around the outside edge of the Diablo maker using the blunt edge of a knife. Clip the handles together.
image 4 Step 3

Place the Diablo maker on the stove-top and set the heat according to the recipe. If in doubt, always use a low heat until you are more familiar with the timings. Turn frequently (every minute or so). Check by opening the Diablo maker and looking at the sandwich inside. Whengolden brown, the Diablo should be ready. Do not leave the maker unattended.
image 5 Step 4

Open theDiablo maker and tap out the crispy deep Diablo inside.


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